Using Ac Drive for Crane Systems

Lifting equipment and goods during production or transportation is a common function in all heavy industries performed by cranes. The drive to improve safety in working conditions and efficiency in operations means that cranes are increasingly contributing to the improvement of heavy industries. Some of the most common industrial cranes are overhead cranes and gantry […]

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LS Contactor

While LS contactor provides you space saving and high performance with many innovations it brings in your switching applications, it is a great price-performance product with its unique electrical and mechanical life. In this article, we take a closer look at the features of LS contactors. Highlights of LS Contactors Rated current 6-800 Amps, 9 […]

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LG LS Thermal Relay

LG LS thermal relays are systems that protect against overloads, high starting times and long-term operation of motors in extreme temperatures in three-phase alternating current circuits. Based on the heat generated by the current flowing in the system, the thermal relays are switched on or off in order to balance the area. These role types […]

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LS LG Auto Fuse

LS LG automatic fuse with options from 1 pole to 4 poles is ideal for both safe and practical uses. It can be used in many different areas and structures, especially in the housing sectors. Apart from residences, it is also used in industrial and commercial buildings to ensure that the electrical infrastructure is sustainable […]

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Important Circuit Characteristics You Need To Know In Thermic Magnetic Switch

In order for thermal magnetic switches to provide correct protection, first of all, the right product must be selected according to the application. For this, it is necessary to understand and apply the circuit characteristics of circuit breakers well. Details and things to know about thermal magnetic switches are explained in detail in IEC 60947-2 […]

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Engine Protection Switches

It is important and necessary to protect electric motors regardless of where they are used. Whether used in industry or commercial buildings, motor protection switches are a great option to increase the life and performance of our motors. Thanks to motor protection switches, protection is provided against phase loss errors as well as over-current protection […]

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Power Capacitor

Capacitors are one of the most important passive components for electronic and electrical systems. Capacitors, which are part of the design process of electrical systems, make a significant contribution to a more reliable and sustainable electrical infrastructure. In order to use the right capacitor, it is necessary to understand the basic requirements of the application […]