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Common Mistakes in Motor Protection

Electric motors make up about seventy percent of the electrical energy used in industry. For this reason, the correct protection of electric motors and the prevention of unplanned stops provide an increase in efficiency spread throughout the plant. Although there are no clear-cut rules in engine protection, there are basic elements to consider in engine […]


Using Ac Drive for Crane Systems

Lifting equipment and goods during production or transportation is a common function in all heavy industries performed by cranes. The drive to improve safety in working conditions and efficiency in operations means that cranes are increasingly contributing to the improvement of heavy industries. Some of the most common industrial cranes are overhead cranes and gantry […]


Things to Consider Before Choosing an AC Motor Driver

AC motor drives come with a range of options, including different control interfaces, enclosures, and motor control methods. They offer flexible options for machine designs. A drive provides electrical power to the motor by regulating motor speed and torque in response to commands from the motion controller. Some drives are capable of performing individual positioning […]

Switchgear Protection

Vacuum Contactors and Application Areas

Recently, it has been seen many times how important the need for electrical protection is, especially in industrial facilities. In order to prevent explosions and to take precautions against accidents, vacuum contactors prevent the formation of any electric arc and act as a great breaker. Vacuum Contactor Applications Vacuum contactors are used in many areas […]

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Our Top 5 Most Read Content in 2020

In this last period, in which we live the last days of 2020, we have brought together the 5 most read contents of 2020. 5-Mini Contactors and Usage Areas For the comfort of contactors during application, they should be able to offer a wide range of accessories. Advanced contactors, to the user; It offers solutions […]

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Mini Contactor and Usage Areas

Contactors, thanks to their highly functional features; It is preferred in a very wide area. With the developing technology, it has the highest level of comfort and working principles. What is a Contactor? Contactor; Electromagnetic switches that open their closed contacts and close their open contacts as soon as the coil is energized are called […]

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LS Contactor

While LS contactor provides you space saving and high performance with many innovations it brings in your switching applications, it is a great price-performance product with its unique electrical and mechanical life. In this article, we take a closer look at the features of LS contactors. Highlights of LS Contactors Rated current 6-800 Amps, 9 […]

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