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In this last period, in which we live the last days of 2020, we have brought together the 5 most read contents of 2020.

5-Mini Contactors and Usage Areas

For the comfort of contactors during application, they should be able to offer a wide range of accessories. Advanced contactors, to the user; It offers solutions thanks to its many different accessories. Another important ease of use of contactors is thanks to their compact dimensions; It takes up less space on the boards. Mini contactor options are available.

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4-How Can You Reduce Your Costs With The Right Contactor?

Panel manufacturing is a challenging process that requires the simultaneous consideration of many components. Engineering, labor, material are basically the key elements in the cost of a board. When it comes to cost savings, the first thing that comes to mind is less wiring, less installation time and test times. Many people will not think of contactors. However, today, contactors can create serious cost advantages for you, thanks to their modern technologies. Let’s see how contactors reduce costs thanks to superior engineering technologies.

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3-How should the ideal engine protection be?

Electric motors are one of the backbone components of the industry. Thanks to the motors, the desired mechanical power in the industry is provided. In our country, electric motors alone constitute about 36% of the electrical energy consumed in the industry. For this reason, efficient and uninterrupted operation of electric motors is very important for both energy efficiency and production efficiency for a business. Digital motor protection relays are an effective and simple measure to protect electric motors against possible malfunctions. However, digital motor protection relays should be chosen correctly according to the motor and application variety, and should provide a smarter and more efficient solution these days when we talk about industry 4.0. In this article, we will cover our expectations from an ideal digital motor protection relay.

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2-LS ELECTRIC Has Been Chosen One Of The World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies 9 Years In A Row!

LS ELECTRIC has been selected as the “Derwent Top 100 Global Innovator” for the 9th consecutive year by Clarivate Analytics, a global academic information service provider. While LS ELECTRIC won this award for the 9th consecutive year, it has been officially proven that the company is among the global top companies, not only in terms of the volume of its worldwide patent portfolio, but also in certain qualitative aspects such as patent success rate.

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1- Things to Consider While Buying MCCB

The wide range of current ratings available from the case circuit breakers enables them to be used in a wide variety of applications. MCCBs can be used from as low as 15 Amps to as high as 2500 Amps. This allows them to be used at both low and high power.

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