With global climate change, water conservation has become more important than ever. Because now both energy and clean water are at the top of the list of most important needs, it is of great importance to use scarce resources correctly. Clean and well-purified water is of great importance, especially for the water treatment industry. This is also the case for the agricultural sector. In this regard, water and wastewater processes must be managed in a highly effective and reliable manner. In this context, conveyors, pumps and other motor-driven systems all use energy. It is of great importance to optimize this process and make it extremely simple.

LS Electric Drives Are an Essential Part of the Energy Saving Equation in Modern Facilities

It is an important issue that the amount of waste in the waters varies daily. In this context, water and water treatment plants are of great importance. All rotating equipment such as pumps and fans in water treatment plants are important elements. The LS Electric drive offers a perfect match and precise control for all your applications. Therefore, it is an ideal option for the water industry.

What are the Benefits of the LS Electric Drive?

One of the most important needs of waste water treatment plants is to save water and energy. In this respect, LS electric drives provide very ideal use. The most important benefits of these drivers can be listed as follows:

– Providing a much better water quality,

– It offers a more ideal equipment protection opportunity,

– Low maintenance costs as it requires less maintenance,

– Provides much lower energy consumption,

– Enables higher plant performance with its use,

Small Investments Make Big Returns

With the rapidly developing technology, the prices of diversifiable speed drives are decreasing relatively. However, in addition to this, energy prices have increased significantly. This development has made the use of the LS Electric Drive more attractive on almost all rotating parts.

The most important economic factor in the life cycle is energy prices. In this context, the energy efficiency of the LS Electric Drive is the key parameter. At the point of energy saving, using a new generation LS driver instead of traditional drivers provides significant benefits. Because the savings achieved in this way are equivalent to the savings gained in switching from an IE2 engine to an IE3 engine.

The Role of LS Electric Drives in Saving Energy and Water

The new generation LS Electric Drive has been designed based on strong know-how and experience. Combined with the global network of 24/7 local services provided, it provides you with very strong reliability. It exhibits a structure compatible with all engines and provides a strong combination. It has a significant impact on savings and gains.



Dünya devlerinin global tecrübesini yerel tecrübemizle birleştirerek çıktığımız bu yolda, kısa bir zamanda birçok projeye imzamızı attık. Verdiğimiz hizmetin kalitesini sağladığımız ürünlerin çeşitliliği, verimi ve yalınlığı ile birleştirdiğimizde ortaya çıkan sonuç herkesi fazlasıyla memnun etti. Bu vizyonla Saypro olarak, elektriğin olduğu her yerde sizlere en iyi çözümü sunmak için tüm gayretimiz ile çalışmaya devam ediyoruz.

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