Switchgear Protection

Contactors, thanks to their highly functional features; It is preferred in a very wide area. With the developing technology, it has the highest level of comfort and working principles.

What is a Contactor?

Contactor; Electromagnetic switches that open their closed contacts and close their open contacts as soon as the coil is energized are called electromagnetic switches. It can be remote controlled. The opening and closing of the contacts is provided by the contactor coil.

Ease of Use and Areas of Use of Contactors

Contactors, thanks to the many advantages it offers; It provides great convenience for businesses. Contactor systems find their place in a wide range from today’s electrical automation systems to elevators and compensation systems. When it comes to products used in a very wide area, contactor systems; It provides great convenience. For the comfort of contactors during application, they should be able to offer a wide range of accessories. Advanced contactors, to the user; It offers solutions thanks to its many different accessories.

Another important ease of use of contactors is thanks to their compact dimensions; It takes up less space on the boards. Mini contactor options are available.

LSIS Mini Contactors

-It can be used safely in capacitor systems, protection of motors, lighting circuits.

-Can be driven directly from PLC output. Thus, it does not require a relay between PLC and contactor. This also lowers costs.

– Takes up little space on the boards with its compact dimensions

– Provides energy efficiency with low energy consumption

-Has KEMA, UL and CE certificates

Usage areas

    • entrance doors
    • Blinds
    • coffee machines
    • washing machines
    • Sawing machines
    • Industrial door control – PCB board
    • Air conditioning
    • Food cooling systems – Heaters
    • vending machines
    • water heaters
    • pump stations
    • Railway applications
    • Household applications – Shutters
    • garage door controls
    • boat industries
    • conveyor systems
    • elevators
    • Escalators



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