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Development and Sustainability
Experience With Us!

Saypro Elektrik undertook many projects in a short time on this path we set out by combining the global experience of world giants with our local experience. When we combine the quality of the service we provide with the diversity, efficiency and simplicity of the products we provide; The result was very satisfying to everyone. With this vision, Saypro continues to work with all its efforts to offer you the best solution wherever there is electricity.

Our company, which is aware of many technical problems in automation and switchgear in our country, listened to its customers and formed its structure in line with the feedback it received from them. At the point we have reached today, we continue our activities in a very wide area with nearly 40 dealers besides our offices serving in 7 regions of Turkey in a very short time.





We Build the Future
with Confidence

As LS Electric and Epcos authorized distributor, we provide electrical protection and capacitor needs from a single source with our wide stock and unique product range.

We offer you sustainable solutions for your industrial automation needs, especially LS Electric. You can contact us for automation products, especially AC Drive.

Our experienced and expert engineer staff is always with you in technical support and project design in your automation projects.