Lifting equipment and goods during production or transportation is a common function in all heavy industries performed by cranes. The drive to improve safety in working conditions and efficiency in operations means that cranes are increasingly contributing to the improvement of heavy industries.

Some of the most common industrial cranes are overhead cranes and gantry cranes. In these cranes, the load is suspended from a gripping device by cables and acts like a pendulum. These swinging loads are a safety hazard and place additional stress on the crane structure. The sway control solution is to closely regulate the motion using an AC drive at the input of the electric motor.

AC Drive Industrial Applications

As technology evolves, both crane manufacturers and users must operate their cranes safely and reliably. This requires products designed and tuned specifically for overhead crane applications. Coordination between ac drive and control system in crane systems is very important for safe operation. The AC drive series provides the performance and power to match your new crane and lifting applications. It has drives that ensure reliable and reliable crane operation, from small, sensitive loads to several hundred tons of molten steel. Typical industrial applications include;

-Steel coils, strip and sheet

-Paper production and processing

-Bulk food processing

-Automotive industry

-Construction materials

Automated storage and retrieval warehouse systems are an essential component in modern logistics. Supermarkets, manufacturers, import and export companies and general logistics companies need large storage capacity to serve their customers. Our drives are widely used in warehouse crane systems around the world.

AC Drive Features and Benefits

    • Easy commissioning thanks to built-in crane-specific features,
    • Smooth operation with no jolts or oscillations during starting and ramping,
    • Tandem load balancing for car and travel applications via speed-torque sharing or load drop control,
    • Tandem crane, synchronizing shaft speed between two cranes,
    • Choice of open loop or closed loop control,
    • Mechanical brake for smooth operation and optimum safety,
    • Controlled stopping when a load is dropped
    • Anti-sway control to ensure extremely stable transverse movement,
    • Integrated crane safety software ensures regulatory compliance with functional safety STOP functions.
    • Safe Torque Off, SS1, SS2, SQS



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