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Capacitors are one of the most important passive components for electronic and electrical systems. Capacitors, which are part of the design process of electrical systems, make a significant contribution to a more reliable and sustainable electrical infrastructure. In order to use the right capacitor, it is necessary to understand the basic requirements of the application and the intended use of the capacitor in the application. In addition, capacitors; It has many features such as capacity value, dimensions, rated voltage, operating temperature, stability against applied voltage, instantaneous current capability, equivalent series resistance. We can list the duties of capacitors in general as follows.

  • Coupling, decoupling
  • Filtering
  • Energy storage
  • Impedance matching
  • Compensation and many more applications

It is estimated that approximately 10% of the electricity produced all over the world is wasted. Capacitors are an effective method to prevent wasted energy. Correcting the power factor is an easy and fast way to improve energy performance. The application of capacitors allows us to use power more efficiently and without loss, while ensuring that all electricity resources are used more efficiently.

So what should we pay attention to when choosing a power capacitor?

First of all, the material structure of the capacitor will form the basis of a long-lasting and robust system. Capacitors made of polypropylene (PP) material have a dielectric with high pulse handling capability and low self-heating. The internal serial connection can provide voltage up to 2000V. Polypropylene exhibits superior electrical properties than polyester. Operating temperatures for some series are up to 110°C. Polypropylene capacitors are preferred for critical electrical conditions in industrial applications.

The self-healing feature of capacitors against possible electrical shocks is another factor affecting product selection. If dielectric breaks are not cured by the capacitor, the product life is reduced. Self-healing materials are polymers, metals, ceramics and their composites that have the ability to fully or partially restore their original properties when damaged by an operational use. Self-healing is a technology that can heal micro- or nano-level cracks in polymeric composites without any external intervention.

Safety is very critical in the selection of capacitors, as in all areas. Low voltage power capacitors may explode or burn due to the increase in internal pressure in case of overload. In order to prevent this situation, with the increase of the internal pressure in the capacitors, it must mechanically separate itself from the circuit it is connected to by breaking the connection line between the plates and the terminals. This is an important feature for a safe electrical system.

The aluminum bodies used in the assembly of Epcos capacitors are manufactured with a specific aluminum alloy, which offers greater durability, better thermal dissipation and excellent explosion protection.



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