Switchgear Protection

Recently, it has been seen many times how important the need for electrical protection is, especially in industrial facilities. In order to prevent explosions and to take precautions against accidents, vacuum contactors prevent the formation of any electric arc and act as a great breaker.

Vacuum Contactor Applications

Vacuum contactors are used in many areas in industry. Vacuum contactors are currently used in medium voltage systems. The application areas are;


Standard or high efficiency induction,

Rotor slip ring windings,

Synchronous machines,

Transformer supply switches and

The capacitor is in the form of switching.

In addition, the switching operations of the transformer include carrying and managing the current. For this reason, it is not a problem for correctly designed vacuum contactors to transmit inrush currents of approximately 20 to 40 times. In addition, vacuum contactors and their application areas carry the high inrush currents that occur due to the nature of the switching process with their mechanical structures without any problems.

Usage Areas of Vacuum Contactors

Vacuum contactors are widely used today. Some of these areas are as follows:

Petrochemical plants and refineries,

underground mining equipment,

induction heating ovens,

capacitor switching,

Paper Mills,

Equipment that is resistant to pressure in the hazardous area,

saw benches,

textile factories,

steel mills,

food processing factories,

Electric vehicles and lighting,

Mining managements,


cement plants,

oil pumping,

tunnel boring machines,

It takes place in the form of Elevator and Transport Systems.

What are the Advantages of Vacuum Contactor?

The most important advantage of vacuum contactors is the unique mechanical and electrical life. It requires no special maintenance or adjustment. Robust, compact and lightweight, it is even smaller and quieter than conventional air-to-air contactors. The vacuum contactor system, which provides ease of control, is electrically realized, this contactor circuit is small and ideal, it does not require additional equipment for the opening process, which is an advantage. It is especially suitable for breaking capacitive circuits and reclosing is also possible. In addition, the tendency to use vacuum convectors in the world is increasing.



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