Why Should You Use AC Drives on Your Conveyor Lines?

With the rapid increase in food packaging applications as well as e-commerce, the demand for conveyor systems is increasing. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that speed control devices are the basis of an efficient production or an error-free logistics activity. In this article, we examine what advantages ac drives bring to conveyor lines. Diversify […]


How AC Drives Contribute to Your Manufacturing Processes

AC Drives form the basis of industrial automation and motion control systems. When faced with the decision to use an AC drive, you may consider issues such as costs, maintenance, spare parts. To assist you in the decision-making process, we consider the contributions an AC drive offers to machine automation. They Can Be Used Anywhere […]


5 Reasons to Use LS Electric AC Drives in Your Projects?

Systems such as motor, fan, pump are at the forefront in the use of electrical energy worldwide. For this reason, the efficient use of these systems is of great importance for energy saving. While these systems are optimally controlled with AC drives, energy efficiency is kept at the maximum level. In this article, we took […]

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Using Ac Drive for Crane Systems

Lifting equipment and goods during production or transportation is a common function in all heavy industries performed by cranes. The drive to improve safety in working conditions and efficiency in operations means that cranes are increasingly contributing to the improvement of heavy industries. Some of the most common industrial cranes are overhead cranes and gantry […]


The Importance of AC Drives in Water Treatment Plants

With global climate change, water conservation has become more important than ever. Because now both energy and clean water are at the top of the list of most important needs, it is of great importance to use scarce resources correctly. Clean and well-purified water is of great importance, especially for the water treatment industry. This […]


Things to Consider Before Choosing an AC Motor Driver

AC motor drives come with a range of options, including different control interfaces, enclosures, and motor control methods. They offer flexible options for machine designs. A drive provides electrical power to the motor by regulating motor speed and torque in response to commands from the motion controller. Some drives are capable of performing individual positioning […]