Switchgear Protection

LS LG automatic fuse with options from 1 pole to 4 poles is ideal for both safe and practical uses. It can be used in many different areas and structures, especially in the housing sectors. Apart from residences, it is also used in industrial and commercial buildings to ensure that the electrical infrastructure is sustainable and reliable.

Automatic Fuses and Highlights

Automaton fuses, which provide protection of circuits and use them with a much longer life, have the most preferred systems of recent years. It has an extremely safe structure with its outstanding features.

1- Provides extra protection against contacts: Direct or indirect contact of users with insurance brings with it various risks. However, these risks are completely eliminated in new generation insurances. These fuse types, also known as miniature circuit breakers, largely respond to customers’ safety demands.

2- Insulated system: In vending machine fuses, which have an insulated structure, accidents that are frequently seen in other insurance types are prevented. One of these risk factors is a short circuit, which is much less common with these fuses. At the same time, it can be used safely in all public spaces and apartments as it is extra resistant to overload currents.

Other Features of Vending Fuses

The total warranty period of these insurances, which have CE and KEMA certificates, can extend up to 5 years. It is known for having ideal standards for long-lasting uses. For smaller structures, the installation of single or bipolar automatons is done in minutes. It is also possible to have three- and four-pole fuses for a very small price difference.

There are also many accessories in the product packaging that make it easy to install and use. Breaking capacities start from 6kA and increase up to 10kA. These fuses placed above the loads are ready for immediate use.

LG LS Auto Fuse

BKN type:1-2-3-4 Pole Option Options from 1A to 125A

6kA breaking capacity, compliance with IEC60898 standard
BKN-b type: 1 pole to 4 poles, options from 1A to 63A
10kA breaking capacity, compliance with IEC60898 standard
BKH type: 1 pole to 4 poles, options from 63A to 125A
10kA breaking capacity, compliance with IEC60947-2 standard
All accessories needed for BKN, BKN-b and BKH series are available



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