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LG LS contactors provide convenience for businesses with many advantages they offer. Contactor systems today find their place in a wide range from electrical automation systems to elevators and even compensation systems. When it is a product used in such a wide area, the use of wrong or faulty products can cause undesirable situations and even unplanned stoppages. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of LG LS contactor systems.

1-International Documents and Robustness

Since there are so many contactor brands in the market and some of them do not produce according to the appropriate standards, a contactor you buy at an affordable price may cost you much more. LG LS contactors have all certificates of conformity, which have been repeatedly tested by its test centers such as KEMA, CE, UL. Therefore, you can use these products in your projects with peace of mind.

2-Wide Product Range

Different types of contactors need to be used according to different application. This is important for the most efficient application. LG contactors offer a 3-pole product family as well as a 4-pole product family. In addition, LG contactors come in 9 different cases in 25 different models. In addition, the DC contactor family can be used in many areas from renewable energy to data centers. Let’s just say, you can choose products up to 1000 V nominal voltage. The operating current of the 2100 AF product family is 2100 Amps. In terms of product breadth, the LG family is unrivaled.

3-Working at Low Voltage

Voltage fluctuations or voltage drops that may occur in the networks may damage the operation of the contactors. To prevent this situation, LG contactors have voltage monitoring LEDs. Moreover, LG contactors have a severe tolerance to low voltages. For example, as you can see in the image below, our product with a nominal operating voltage of 220 V becomes a yellow sign at 160 V and below.

4-Easy and Fast Use with Motor Starters

Another feature of LG contactors is their coordinated and easy use in motor applications, which is one of the most widely used areas of contactors. With Type 2 coordination class and wide accessories you can easily start the product with motor starters.

5-Wide Accessories and Compact Dimensions Long Life

In order for the contactors not to let you down during the application, they should offer a wide range of accessories. LS LG contactors offer you solutions with many different accessories. Another important feature is that with its compact dimensions, it takes up little space on your boards. More importantly, this family of contactors has 1800 operating cycles per hour and a mechanical life of up to 15 million mechanically.



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