Switchgear Protection

Low voltage surge arresters are one of the most important protection devices that should be present in our facilities, protecting our systems against sudden overvoltage and lightning strikes. Due to the fact that network surge arresters, whose importance has not yet been realized in our country, are not used, especially cameras, automation lines, UPS, computers, panels are burned and millions of damages occur every year.

Do you know these?

-An average of 450,000 devices are damaged annually in Germany due to overvoltage.

-After lightning strikes, it affects an area of 2km.

-80% of the lightning strikes are between 30 and 40 kA.

1-External Lightning Systems Do Not Provide Electrical Protection

External lightning systems such as lightning rods and catches only protect against the physical effects of lightning. Lightning strikes caught by external lightning systems will head towards your facility and possibly damage your devices. For this reason, you should use Type 1/Type 1+2 lightning protection surge arresters, especially for your main panel.

2-Continuity of Lightning Strike

Most of the time, the lightning strike is not damped where it hits, on the contrary, it can strike at a diameter of 2 km after the lightning strike. As you can see from the image above, lightning can also strike your facility in a fringed manner. This shows that the risk is higher in facilities that are spread over a very large area.

3-Sudden Overvoltages

In factories, many devices and systems work together in coordination. Hold on to the welding machine; Many devices to fluorescent lamps cause sudden internal overvoltage. Harmonics, switching and switchgear movements, electrostatic couplings, voltage fluctuations are the primary factors in the sudden overvoltage-induced failure of sensitive devices in your factory. For this reason, Type 2 instantaneous surge protection and Type 3 sensitive protection surge arresters are extremely important in protecting our devices.

4-Coupling Effects

Overvoltage surges due to coupling effects are a frequent occurrence especially in organized industrial zones. If the current created by the coupling reaches a sufficient level, it creates a magnetic field and this magnetic field can damage systems, especially card systems.

There are many sensitive electronic devices in a factory, from PLC and automation systems to cameras and communication lines. These devices are too important to ever stop or fail. For this reason, rather than nothing will happen to me, full protection against lightning and overvoltage impulses should be provided with the right product selection.



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