Switchgear Protection
LG LS thermal relays are systems that protect against overloads, high starting times and long-term operation of motors in extreme temperatures in three-phase alternating current circuits. Based on the heat generated by the current flowing in the system, the thermal relays are switched on or off in order to balance the area. These role types with different structures, which are mostly used in industrial areas; It provides a superior privilege in contactor, fuse and machine protection. These structures, which are designed with a quality material structure, have a very important task and the right product selection must be made.

Thermal Relay Usage

Thermal relay types are not evaluated alone. It is used together with contactor or fuse. While fuses undertake protection for a determined current value, thermal relays perform protection on behalf of the current region. It is used for engines with different understanding. Except for currents such as inrush current, thermal relays, braking and overload operation, other currents have the capacity to break the circuit when necessary.

What are the Advantages of Thermal Relay?

Thermal relays are being evaluated intensively today, with many different advantages they provide. They provide effective solution methods for current opening and closing, especially in motor protection applications.

– Protects the motor effectively with contactors and cables,

– Provides enough opportunity to allow the engine to start,

– It ensures that the fuse is not damaged against short circuit,

– In areas where the contactor has no breaking capacity, it creates a breaking potential against short-circuit currents,

Thermal Relay Usage Areas

Thermal relays, which are used extensively in industrial areas, are spread over a wide area against the protection of different motors in this region. It is especially evaluated to protect them against overloaded motors. It creates a protection potential for different areas against excessive current caused by phase loss on the motor.



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