3Ø 200~240V 0.75~18.5kW
3Ø 380~480V 0.75~90kW
3Ø 380~500V 110~500kW

It is a compact device developed considering the variability and difficulty of HVAC applications and environmental conditions. It can be used safely in the construction, metal, pulp / paper, coal mine, oil / gas and water treatment (fan / pump, dryer) industries.

  • HVAC applications
  • Maximum energy savings
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Various communication options
  • High performance
  • Open loop operation feature
  • Quick parameter setting group
  • 3Ø 200V 0.75~18.5kW
  • Led Indicator
  • Parameter Read/Write
  • Easy Installation
  • Data Stream Display During Copying
  • HAND Keypad Mode (Local, Control, Mode) Or AUTO Mode (Remote Control Mode) Can Be Selected.
  • EL Keypad Mode: Used When Selecting Frequency Or Run/Stop Commands.
  • AUTO Keypad Mode: Driver Operated Using Keypad.
  • Local Control and Remote Control Mode
  • Fault Status Monitoring
  • Error Status Tracking
  • RS-485 Capability Built-in.
  • Modbus-RTU, Metasys N2
  • Bacnet MS / TP is Embedded as Standard.
  • Lonworks Option Can Be Added.
  • Easy to Replace a Cooling Fan Without Opening a Drive Cover
  • 400V 0.75-30kw Standard Internal Emc Filter (C3)
  • 400V 37-55kw Optional Emc Filter (C3)
  • Meets 75-90kw EMC Specifications Even Without Filter.
  • Internal DC Reactor Between 400V 75-90kw
  • Internal RS-485 Communication Module
  • Internal Bacnet MS / TP Communication
  • HVAC
  • Marine
  • Chiller (Cooling)
  • Fan and Pump