We are excited to introduce our new name ‘LS ELECTRIC°, as we take a new step toward the future.

Currently, the global energy market is evolving into a place of change and innovation based on digital transformation and smart connectivity.

We are stepping up to raise ourselves as a leading company in the global market as well as in the local market by changing from device-oriented to Solution Platform, such as the convergence of manufacturing and ICT technology, Industry 4.0 solution industry, and smart transmission /distribution network technology.

Hence, we have decided to enter a new era by parting from our old name LSIS’, and changing it to ‘LS ELECTRIC’ to become a global smart energy solution company.

Considering the brand value of the existing mission, we would not deny that we’ve had our own concerns and apprehension until this day about changing our name.

Nevertheless, the change of company name to LS ELECTRIC means a strong determination to lead the development of future energy technologies and to conquer the global market, and our resolution to strengthen our identity for this purpose.

‘E’, the symbol character of LS ELECTRIC, stands for ECO, EFFICIENCY, and EVOLUTION.

The future of the new energy era is eco-friendly and will evolve into a technology that can be used safely and conveniently by all humankind.

The present must be more efficient and the future must be more innovative.

Under our new name, LS ELECTRIC, we will endeavor to become a more efficient and innovative company based on DT-based smart energy solutions.

We promise to reform and leap forward as a global company that stands at the forefront of humanity making way into the future.

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